Hedge Cutting

Hedges say a lot about a property. Keeping them under control and neatly trimmed can be time-consuming, then disposing of the trimmings adds to the task, we take this in our stride.

Whether it’s taming the overgrown boundary hedge or lightly trimming the ornamental shrub, we do it all – then keep it in control for you. Brabazons Garden Maintenance use a variety of techniques to suit each hedge type and situation, from hand pruning to power cutters.

Roses and shrubs are pruned to ensure the plant can establish and maintain a good shape, produce more flowers or fruit and limit its size. We will keep your plants under control ensuring they take on a good shape and size for the area they are situated in ensuring a balanced look.

Contact us now for a free consultation on how we can make you a garden to be proud of.


“Thank you Matt for putting my lawn back together, it is now weed free and looks fantastic”

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